Are you claiming what is yours?

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Something became very clear following a spiritual guidance session 2 weeks ago (thank you ovulation), and now it feels totally unreal and like I was just dreaming or making things up (not thank you, luteal phase). 

Claiming what is yours can be difficult and fraught with tension, self-doubt and (self-)rejection. Especially when the cycle (whether it’s yours or the moon’s) has anything to do with it. Which inevitably it does. If you don’t pay attention to at least one of these two cycles, the self-doubt and ’emotional crisis’ that can come up will throw you off course. 

It nearly did for me, but thankfully, having analysed and lived by my cycle for over 5 years now, it is easier and easier to spot and remember what may be going on cycle-wise and to go with its ebb and flow, waiting patiently for the next wave of positivity and possibility. 

And after a couple of days, indeed that wave arrived. Let me explain. 

In 2021, Human Design came more and more into my awareness and I am now training to be a Human Design practitioner!! The 22/2/22 portal was very powerful for me. Something shifted that day (a block, an obstacle, an energetic ‘thing’!), and the next morning I knew I had to join the HD training with Katie Calder (although I had been aware since December that the course would open on 22/2/22, I still wasn’t 100% sure I would sign up).

The two 1:1 sessions I had in September and December with Katie literally changed my life – at least internally to start with, and now it’s going to show externally too. 

  1. I am here to CHANGE. I have resisted this for soooo many years, decades even, unable to NOT change but always feeling terrible in the process and making it more long-winded and complicated than necessary. Now I know: my DESIGN is to change, to mutate (thank you, Channel 3-60!). So this time, I am welcoming the change with open arms and excitement. I won’t make a meal of it, I will get on with it and it will be easy. It IS easy. It HAS been easy. Well, easier anyway… and faster. And at the same time, it’s not really a change. You may not even notice! Because it’s something I have been doing for over 2 years and I have incorporated it into all of my work, whether life, writing or business, and I very often refer to it/them. It is Sacred Money Archetypes® (SMA) and money work in general. More about this below. 
  2. I am a Generator and my ‘Authority’ is ‘Sacral’. This means I make decisions based on the sounds I produce, from deep within me, all the way up to and through my throat, in reaction to an idea that invites a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. If only I had known that’s how I could make decisions, it would have saved me soooo much aggro those past 4 decades!!! Being Libra Sun and Libra Rising (thank Goddess for my Virgo Moon, compensating a little bit!), making decisions has been so so hard and the bane of my life. No longer! This morning, my Manifesting Generator Sacral Authority younger daughter made those very sounds as she was making decisions as to what she would eat at lunch time at school this week (we were going through the menu together), so I pointed those sounds out to her. I felt so so proud to be able to introduce her to her Design in such a cool, authentic and gentle way. There was no denying what I was saying, since she had literally just made the ‘Un-un’ sound (no) and the ‘Ah-hun’ sound (yes)! 
  3. My ‘Strategy’ is ‘waiting to respond’. Again, if I had known that, I would have been less impulsive, and my extremely creative ‘Alchemist’ (in terms of SMA) would have been given less voice less quickly. I have to wait for my body to give me signals about something I potentially want to do. And again, my Sacral will give me the right signals and sounds as I ask myself yes/no questions and listen in. And just to be sure, Libra that I am (i.e. indecisiveness impersonated), I am waiting even longer and checking in again a few days later, to feel into whether my feelings and sounds are consistent or not. Any inconsistency, and I’ll wait a little bit longer.  
  4. My ‘Line’ is 1/3, i.e. the Investigator (experimenting with everything, learning learning learning) and the Martyr, i.e. the Victim. Now you’re talking. I was BORN to be a victim! OMG!!! I have felt and acted like a victim so much (and chose a tyrant [covert narcissist] for a father, to boot!), and now that I know it’s part of my Design, it’s much much easier to lift myself out of this state (which happens on the daily). 

Because the beauty of HD is that it doesn’t put you in a box. Quite the contrary. It helps you get out of your own, sometimes seemingly self-imposed, box. 

In true Ruler (SMA) fashion, I can’t keep this a secret, I HAVE to train in it (same as I did with Sacred Money Archetypes 2 and a half years ago!) and offer it to the world 🙂 

Even before deciding to train, a few months ago I started asking my clients to take the HD test and get their charts (all you need is your date, time and place of birth and input them here at myBodyGraph) and get familiar with the basics. For all of them, at least ONE bit of information was life-changing. And when you ask for your Human Design on any of the main websites out there, all you get is the BASICS. It actually goes much much deeper than that. But even just the basics is sooooo interesting and illuminating!

I can’t wait to know more, learn more and tell you SO MUCH MORE! 

Leaving social media – 2 weeks on… 

What’s so so beautiful about having left social media and most of the groups I belong to (I’m staying in two global ones, in two local ones and in my own local one, my Grab a Bag Wallingford group) is that I am finding ME again. Without all the millions of influences. Wow, I hadn’t realised how influenced I was being by alllll these people online! I got lost in a sea of virtual people!!! 

How to give your power away 😄 😄😄 

I am feeling soooo light and soooo myself, more and more every day. My ME is coming back to me 🙂 

The EASE in my brain from not being on social media is absolutely amazing! It’s not even from ‘not being on it for 20-30 mn a day any more’ – it’s from not having to EVER think about what to post on there, from being more present in my ‘real life’, and from being more present to ME and what I desire, moment to moment, without having to worry about what to say or not on social media, or having to post or not on social media. Even the cacao ceremony I attended on Magical Tuesday (22/2/22) with Magical Amanda Tracey – I would have taken a picture and shared it on Insta. It crossed my mind to take a picture anyway, but no, I just got even more present to it and the atmosphere and the beauty, and I didn’t take a picture. 

All of 2021, I battled with the hard decision: ‘Do I kill my business or do I kill my brain and my followers’ brains?’ I know it sounds a bit dramatic and I’m not really responsible for my followers’ social media consumption. I know they’ll still use social media even if I leave/even though I have left, but at least I have now made the decision that was most aligned with me, my values and what I know social media do to our brains. My conscience is now clear: I no longer participate in anyone’s social media consumption. It is one last person for you to follow and read and not really get anything from. 

I feel now that social media used to occupy at least a quarter of my brain – now this quarter is empty, ready to be filled with the important stuff in life, or just ‘there’, just resting! 

It is so lush to know I have all of my brain to myself now! And the possibilities of how to fill in that quarter are unlimited! Creativity, just being, learning Human Design, deepening my meditation, etc. I am excited about all the space I now have in my brain. It feels expansive and spacious. 

On this topic, if you want to learn from one of my favourite mentors, Leonie Dawson, and if you want to make the most of a live round of her bestselling programme Marketing without Social Media, we start tomorrow! It’s the LAST DAY to invest in yourself and your brain! $99 of lushness!  


Note: it’s the last day to sign up for MWSM to attend the live round. You can always sign up after, but then you won’t benefit from the live elements of the course – and for the same price, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of it and get the live version?!  Here’s a graphic from Leonie explaining everything you get in the course and the value of each item.

The value of joining Marketing without Social Media with Leonie Dawson

So yes, there is no going back to social media for me either. 

I write a blog post every now and again.  

I send you a weekly-ish newsletter. 

But that’s about it. 

The rest is: 

  • I connect with people I know and trust and we share what we know with each other’s audiences (for example today, Gulara Vincent, author of Hammer, Sickle & Broom, did a group healing session for my Writing Women Wisemind 🙂 ) 
  • I invoke the Universe’s help so that the right people find me, in mysterious and magical ways, and I can help them.  
  • I do EFT to release any energetic blocks that may be in the way of me receiving clients or them finding me. 
  • I trust that what is for me will not pass me by and that what is for YOU will not pass you by either. 

Interesting articles about people quitting social media can be found herehere and here.  

Well after yet another novel of a blog post, here we are. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the above :-)  I always love to hear from you. Just email me via my Contact me page 🙂 

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