You are invited to my IN-PERSON

Tapping & Healing Circle

in Malmesbury, Wiltshire!

Serving you in a sacred space as you go through challenges in your transition(s) in life, motherhood and business/at work

Thanks to EFT/tapping, my expert guidance, my intuition, powerful and infinite holding, compassionate nurturing and sacred space (which I call my Tapping Temple), the Tapping & Healing Circle (which I hold in Malmesbury, Wiltshire – exact location details provided upon booking) supports you in difficult times in your life, for example in times of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, trauma (whether old trauma resurfacing or new trauma, whether big or small) or transition.

These monthly circles are perfect if you enjoy the company of like-minded people – spiritual, into personal development, kind, open-hearted, who are in emotionally difficult times or who just want to refill their emotional and spiritual well.

I usually ask that everyone participates by telling me/us how they’re feeling, what the specific emotion or feeling is, what they think the reason is for it at that particular time, and then we all tap together on what we are focusing on.

Due to the generalisation effect and the fact that we always come together in a group in a non-coincidental way (there are no coincidences!), the Tapping Temple becomes a space where whatever we all tap on becomes relevant to nearly every other person in the group, even if they didn’t know beforehand what they would tap on.

That is the power of doing EFT/tapping together.

The Tapping & Healing Circle
~ Clarity & Serenity ~

Come and release old wounds, blocks and beliefs around the following emotions and topics:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • overwhelm
  • anger
  • frustration
  • procrastination
  • sadness
  • trauma (emotional and physical)
  • pain (emotional and physical)
  • money
  • work/business
  • motherhood
  • marriage
  • neurodivergence, ADHD and autism
  • LIFE!

What does EFT stand for?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is also known as ‘tapping’. The challenging emotions and feelings that you experience can be released quickly, simply and effectively using EFT. Find out more about it here.

You are invited to regularly release unwanted, challenging, uncomfortable feelings and emotions, including feelings in your body and perhaps physical manifestations and symptoms of deep underlying issues, so that your energy body, your mind and your soul can be reset and you can live your life fully, mindfully and joyfully.

When are the sessions?

I hold the Tapping & Healing Circle on the Tuesday closest to the New Moon, every ‘moonth’, at 7pm–9pm UK time, in the centre of Malmesbury.

Here are the dates for the next few months:
  • Tuesday 2nd July
  • Monday 5th August (as an exception, as the venue isn’t available on 6th)
  • Tuesday 3rd September
All sessions are at 7pm–9pm UK time.

Why are Tapping & Healing Circles on or around the New Moon?

In ALL sessions, we release unwanted or challenging emotions and feelings.

In addition, however, there are specific added dimensions when we gather together around the New Moon.

Around the New Moon, we set intentions for the upcoming ‘moonth’. These intentions can be anchored into specific actions and if you join my Telegram group (The Transition Temple – see below), we can hold you accountable.

You are encouraged to come to the Circle with a pen and notebook/journal so you can keep your intention close to you throughout the moonth and keep acting accordingly.

As the moon cycle progresses from New Moon to Full Moon to Dark Moon, we may be dealt challenges and thrown into situations where we react in the same way we always have. If it’s linked to what you intended around the New Moon, the Full Moon is your chance to change things, to switch your beliefs around that situation and your reaction, to release some more, and ultimately to change your body, mind and soul chemistry about that topic, meaning you can be who you want to be freely, peacefully and joyfully.

Gathering together with other people who are experiencing challenges too, perhaps even in the same areas of life or work as you, and exploring and tapping on whatever is relevant to you and them, will help you to let go of the beliefs, the patterns you automatically and sometimes unconsciously go into, and the behaviours you want to change (and sometimes have had for decades!).

That is the power of following the Moon and tapping in Circle.

Who is the Tapping & Healing Circle for?

While it is mostly for women, in particular mothers (whether they gave birth themselves or not, whether they are foster mothers, aunties or grandmothers who are caregivers), as these are the people I have been working with for over 13 years, it is actually for everyone, with no distinction of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

As we are going through the Big Transition (on cosmic, energetic and Earth levels) (and probably others!), and as people like us are aiming to bring the world into balance and integrate the divine feminine and the divine masculine, it feels important to me to offer this circle to everyone and support you on all levels as you go through your own transitions, alongside the Big T.

All of YOU is welcome. 

When you step into my Circle, it is not to change you or shame you or make you feel ‘less than’. It is to help you release what doesn’t help you in your life, what feels heavy and like a burden (small or huge), so that you can leave the session feeling light, calm, relaxed and knowing what to do or how to be next in your life.

You make all the decisions. You change yourself if you so desire.

Currently each Circle is in a small, intimate group of around 5–10 people. The more people come to these sessions, the more powerful they will be as the energy of the Circle will grow exponentially and you will truly feel part of a community and won’t feel so lonely in the experience of your emotions. 

How does each Circle unfold?

In each Circle, we start with a meditation, and I then go around the Circle and ask each person how they’re feeling or what they want to release (in a few words) and make a note of it. (If you don’t want to share this, that’s fine.) 

I then use what everyone has told me to conduct an EFT/tapping and healing session, addressing all of the issues, incorporating everyone’s words, feelings and situations into the session, as we all tap away and repeat what I say or add a few words that are pertinent to their situation. Indeed, each person can use my words exactly, or is free to change them slightly (or a lot!) to fit their situation if necessary.

Alternatively, if someone wants to volunteer and receive a tapping and healing session, we can all tap on their situation. Don’t worry, it will fit yours as well and resonate with you, in some weird and magical way!

The magic in this is:

  • The energy created as a group.
  • The ‘borrowed benefits’ experienced by everyone – meaning that even though what I say or the ‘main person’ says isn’t always applicable to everyone in the circle, and even though what each person is tapping on may be slightly or vastly different from what the other people are tapping on, the benefits of the tapping and the words and energy will apply to everyone regardless.
  • I use my intuition to guide the session.
  • I keep checking with everyone in the Circle.
  • Everyone benefits on some level, usually much deeper than expected.
  • By the end of the session, everyone feels connected and less alone in the experience of the issue they have tapped on, regardless of whether they are similar/the same or not.

We will finish with a few minutes of relaxation, then some more sharing (in just a few words), and then a few nibbles, in order to ground you before you leave the Circle.

You will then be invited to join my Telegram group ‘The Transition Temple’ to carry on the healing and conversations (but you don’t have to join if you don’t want to!).

What is the investment and how do I book?

Each Circle is £22.

How to book your space

Book your space for a day that fits your schedule here.

You can message me here if you have any questions or contact me via Telegram @NestingMums.

NO REFUNDS (but you can book up to 2 hours before on the day!)

(In certain circumstances, your booking may be transferred to a future Circle, but only once.)


How to book your space

It’s very simple. Click on the button below and choose the date that suits your schedule. You can pay via PayPal or credit/debit card (£22).

Testimonial: Elizabeth

Thank you for yesterday’s Tapping Circle. You are brilliant at EFT.

I did my own tapping session this morning because I needed to explore more and you inspired me to keep going.
I realised through today’s tapping that yesterday allowed a few layers to peel back. I could see what was underneath and the real heart of the problem. As I tapped, I found another layer underneath that one too.

This practice has helped me find the core, the gem, the true pain that was causing so much trouble on the surface. Still much to process but it is so much better.

The Tapping Circle is helping me peel back the layers! It is such a surprise what comes up – it’s like my mind just relaxes enough to lower the gate and let me have a little peek at what’s really behind those steel doors!

Thank you – looking forward to going to the Circle on a regular basis!

If you, too, would like to:

  • release some unwanted or challenging emotions, feelings or physical sensations
  • navigate your current challenges and transitions more joyously
  • learn how to use EFT/tapping effectively and regularly
  • tap along with me and other people (if you would rather see me 1:1, click here for online or face-to-face private sessions)
  • be part of a community of people who tap regularly (I have a Telegram group for those who have attended the Circle and other sessions and programmes)
  • perhaps do this regularly, as the benefits of regular tapping are immense (calmer, clearer mind; feeling in control; knowing what you want; being more connected to yourself and your body, mind, spirit, soul and energy in general; fewer unwanted emotions; also, the more you use tapping, the less time it takes to clear unwanted or challenging emotions)

then book onto one of my upcoming group Circles in my Tapping Temple™ here.

How to book

It’s very simple. Click on the button below and choose the date that suits your schedule. You can pay via PayPal or credit/debit card (£22).

What to expect when you experience tapping/EFT with me in the Tapping Temple…

  • Expert emotional, practical and spiritual support from a clinical hypnotherapist and an NLP, EFT, IEMT and Reiki practitioner (since 2014) and Priestess in training. 
  • Direct access to me for 2 hours, with time and space to share with others in the Circle, before, while and after we all tap together (I keep checking on you during the session).
  • Support in a Telegram group of like-minded people who have all been to at least one of my Tapping Temple™ sessions/Tapping & Healing Circles (online or IRL), where I can make sure you’re OK after our Circle and you can share how you’re feeling, what you have released, how you have used EFT in between Circles, and anything else tapping/EFT/healing-related.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to come regularly?

While it is not essential – as EFT works so well, so fast and so effectively – I do recommend you come regularly, at least for a few months, to truly feel the benefits of EFT. Also, the more you come and practise it, the faster you get at releasing challenging emotions and feelings.

None of the dates available work for me. How else can I work with you?

You can work with me 1:1. I offer private sessions and you can book yours here

If you are suffering from trauma (including birth trauma and PTSD), book your private IEMT session here. Find out more details here too.

If you still can’t find a suitable date or time, don’t worry, email me here and we’ll sort out a day and time that work for you.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel or reschedule any of the Circles, and no refund will be offered if you can’t come (unless exceptional circumstances, and a place on one of the next Circles will be offered first, but only once). However, you can book up to 2 hours before each Circle, so feel free to wait to book 🙂 

Are there topics or emotions that are off limits or not suitable to tap on in these sessions? 

No. You can bring to these sessions whatever you’re feeling on the day and EFT and I will help you release it (or at least one facet of it if it’s a complex situation).

I have one more question before I book, how shall I get in touch with you?

Just send me an email via the form on this page and I’ll get back to you.