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Pippa – ‘They now feel like a distant memory rather than something upsetting’

I went to Laetitia to help me come to terms with a couple of trauma episodes relating to birth and resultant sepsis/hospital stays. It made me realise how much I’d been sitting on over the past few years and the links between certain issues during the first year of babyhood and the trauma I’d experienced. Even just making these associations helped me to understand more about why I was feeling a certain way.

And then she helped to allow me to disassociate from these feelings and put them to bed as such. They now feel like a distant memory rather than something upsetting. She’s an absolute star!

What I found most interesting is that I didn’t have to really go through the trauma from beginning to end and speak about it out loud. It was more just thinking about certain aspects of it and the feelings it brought up, while she encouraged me to move my eyes in a certain way, and talking about snippets of it at certain points. So it’s not as distressing as I thought it would be. Thanks so much for the session, Laetitia, it’s really helped me!


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Sonia – ‘A very positive experience which has helped me move forward from what I had perceived as a very difficult and negative time’

I went to Laetitia for IEMT to help address anxiety I felt in relation to pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and was hospitalised for 3 days and on medication from week 7 through to week 24 of the pregnancy. The experience of HG made me fearful of having a second pregnancy as the sickness was so severe and made everyday activities and work almost impossible. The IEMT session with Laetitia addressed the anxiety. I revisited the powerful feelings of stress, anxiety, sickness which I experienced during the time of the pregnancy. Laetitia ensured I felt safe and secure during this process and helped me remember how I held my body during the most ‘bleak’ moments of HG. She then helped me recognise my posture and took me through a series of exercises to change my posture and break the ‘muscle memory’ associated with the memories of HG.

In addition, when she carried out the IEMT exercises with me, I felt the feelings of stress, anxiety and nausea lessen significantly. Prior to the session, I had not even been able to think about the pregnancy for fear of bringing back the negative feelings. Now I am able to think about it clearly without my body having a strong physiological reaction.

We also explored my identity – how I view different aspects of myself and discovered that these were not aligned and gave me food for thought as to how I can become more present and grounded.

The exercise relating to guilt – specifically my guilt of having to take medication during the pregnancy and the potential harmful effects they may have had on my baby – was very powerful and, following the exercise, I felt less guilty and strangely ‘complete’ again.

Overall a very positive experience which has helped me move forward from what I had perceived as a very difficult and negative time in my life. I can now look back on my pregnancy with more joy and I am now open to the possibility of a second pregnancy rather than ruling it out completely.


Myriam – ‘If you had a traumatic birth, I really recommend Laetitia’

My first birth, in 2011, was a traumatic one. Not a real nightmare but nothing was how I had expected. I was really upset and angry about it. Then life went on and I thought that it was ok to have a second child.

At the beginning of 2016, I found out that I was pregnant again. My husband and I really wanted another baby so we were happy. But after only a few weeks (maybe just 2 or 3) I started to panic. It was a really BIG FEAR. I cried a lot and my husband really didn’t know how to react because it was the first time he had seen me like this.

I couldn’t go on with this pregnancy feeling like this, I had to do something… but what? 

Then I met Laetitia by chance (I was looking for birth preparation classes on the internet). In only one session and with different IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) techniques, she helped me to feel a whole lot better. Honestly, when I decided to do that session with her, I was just desperate to try and see and didn’t know what to expect … but the result was brilliant! In one session, I stopped panicking and felt REALLY better. Now I am 37 weeks pregnant, looking forward to meeting my baby, and not frightened any more.

If you had a traumatic birth, I really recommend you meet Laetitia. She can really help. And if you can do it BEFORE being pregnant again, even better!

After that session, I decided to prepare for this second birth with her too, doing her hypnobirthing programme. 

Update after the birth

After three days of on-and-off pre-labour, not much sleep and many weeks of bad nights because my tummy was so big and uncomfortable towards the end of pregnancy, labour finally started properly on Sunday 20th November 2016, mid-afternoon. Sébastien and I went to the Wallingford birth centre at 5.30pm and upon examination found out I was 5cm dilated, which I was quite pleased about. The vaginal examination triggered a fair amount of pain, but with the help of the midwife and Sébastien, I managed to calm down and go back to my relaxing place.

Within an hour, I was in the birthing pool, and after a second stage of about an hour and a half, (so altogether just over 3 hours after our arrival at the birth centre), our beautiful 9-pound-5-ounce baby girl was born, with her hand by the side of her head, requiring only a few stitches.

Altogether it was 6 hours of established labour, so it was very manageable, and it was a very positive experience, especially compared to last time, when I had a very traumatic birth with induction at 36 weeks, breaking of my waters, epidural and forceps delivery. This time, I didn’t have any kind of pain relief, it just never crossed my mind, and it was all natural and spontaneous. 

It was so lovely to spend time with our baby girl straight after birth, to have that ‘golden hour’ (and more) just the three of us. Also, waiting for the cord to stop pulsating before clamping and cutting it was wonderful, something we couldn’t gift our son last time (my husband had asked if we could wait but the medical team answered we had waited long enough without really listening, and at that point we didn’t really know that we could say something else).

There were points during labour when I panicked a little, mostly around the ‘transition phase’ (where women tend to go wild or panic or swear, etc.!), but my birth team knew what to say or do and I always managed to relax again. Without the birth trauma session and without the hypnobirthing classes, there is no way I could have done that. We really accomplished something special with my husband. The practice really paid off. We are very pleased we did the course with Laetitia. She is truly gifted at birth preparation, for both the mum-to-be and the dad-to-be. 

Myriam and Sebastien C.

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Nichola – ‘Laetitia has helped me to free myself from the anger and sadness that was holding me back’

Last night I had the most amazing, beautiful, realising session with Laetitia, in which we looked at my first son’s birth and everything surrounding it. She helped me to see that I wasn’t angry about the fact I had a C-section but I was angry that I felt disempowered by the people who were meant to be taking care of mine and my son’s life. I felt I wasn’t given any choice in my birth and that the decision was taken away from me. I was angry. I wasn’t affected by the surgery itself but it was the mental health impact that it had on me afterwards. I felt useless, scared, sad, frustrated and in a world of agony. I was sad I didn’t get the birth I had planned. I was scared I would hurt myself or my son because I couldn’t stand or walk properly. I was frustrated I couldn’t take care of my son the way I wanted to. And I just wanted to heal and for the pain to go away so I could enjoy being a mum! All of this, combined with after-birth hormones, the fact I felt abandoned and unsupported by the health visitors and the fact my son wouldn’t feed properly and would scream as if he was in agony, resulted in severe PND (postnatal depression).

But I’m glad to say two years later after fighting the good fight with the GPs and admitting I wasn’t coping, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. My son still suffers with his allergies and his skin, but we know how to help him now. I no longer feel disempowered because I can forgive the medical staff as I now see they were doing the best they could with the knowledge they had. And I can now forgive myself for the post-baby struggles I faced because I was learning how to be a whole different person.

Laetitia has helped me to free myself from the anger and sadness that was holding me back and she has helped to prepare me for the upcoming birth of my second son. I am a good mum. I am a strong woman and I feel empowered by the whole experience now ♥️ 

Thank you Laetitia for helping me to move forward and to see that it was all part of my journey and that my heart is now filled with gratitude for the experience as opposed to anger.

Nichola Drew

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Aine – ‘Afterwards, I felt so much lighter’

I have had tapping sessions before and have never experienced such a definite and massive shift in my feelings about the topic as with Laetitia. This was fabulous. I admit, I found the voicing of negative things very uncomfortable, but it really helped me shift things. The whole process with Laetitia was brilliant. Afterwards, I felt so much lighter and able to think and talk about the issue dealt with from a very different place – all within an hour!

If you have anything you feel is overwhelming you, or stopping you from being yourself, or from being happy, then I would strongly recommend Laetitia. She’s clearly very knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate and amazing to work with.


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Olivia – ‘Laetitia’s wisdom and guidance is the best thing I have ever invested in’

I decided to work with Laetitia shortly after starting my Masters because I was having debilitating anxiety attacks, I felt like I wouldn’t ever be good enough (in my degree and life in general) and I lacked self-belief. These were all problems that developed in my undergraduate studying architecture, problems that clearly had not gone away after taking some time out.

Laetitia helped me in all aspects of my life and takes a holistic approach with her clients. She balances practical tools with emotional support and always has something up her sleeve to help you move forward. She worked with me on several writing assignments, offering a different perspective and methods to try out when I was having a mental block. Laetitia also encouraged me to track my emotions and creativity at different stages in my menstrual cycle, greatly increasing my self-awareness. A large part of our work together was fostering this self-awareness by using archetypes to better understand and accept my personality traits.

Laetitia ultimately changed the way I view myself. She provided me with organisation tools to minimise my tendency to procrastinate and taught me Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that reinforced my own positive affirmations. EFT has by far and away been the most effective tool for reducing the intensity of my anxiety attacks and I feel so much better equipped to deal with them now.

After my sessions with Laetitia I feel like I can do anything, I love who I am and I cannot thank her enough. Laetitia’s wisdom and guidance is the best thing I have ever invested in and I highly recommend working with her.


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Kate M. – ‘Laetitia is very easy to talk to and very good at helping you understand what the problem is’

I cannot recommend Laetitia highly enough. I signed up to work with her because I felt that I had become stuck with the same difficulties, reacting in the same way and never making the changes I wanted to. I was lacking confidence, having difficulties making decisions and not feeling great about myself.

Over the course of my sessions with Laetitia in her Feel the Freedom 3-month programme, that has all changed.

Laetitia is very easy to talk to and very good at helping you understand what the problem is. The techniques she uses are extremely practical and useful. Because they worked, I used them. 

Laetitia has a huge number of different resources and techniques to help unlock your potential. I feel that I now have an inner confidence that was lacking before and I’m keen to get out and explore the world.

Kate M.

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Karen – ‘She has such a unique way of doing things, and really thinks outside the box’

Laetitia offers such a personal service. There is no one-size-fits-all about it. The first part of her sessions, she digs so deep with you into the feeling or emotion that you are having, which is nearly always an irrational one for me, to find out exactly what it is that you need to be working on; it is so precise and specific.

By the end of each of my sessions with Laetitia, I felt incredibly eased, like a weight had lifted from my shoulders and I was able to go into my calls with my potential clients, feeling entirely different, so positive. She has such a unique way of doing things, and really thinks outside the box. She’s such a lovely person, so amazing to work with, I recommend her to everybody. Thank you so much, Laetitia, you’re an absolute superstar.

Karen Bramall, founder of Baby Sleep the Night

Heidi – ‘Life is opening up in wonderful ways. Thank you so much, Laetitia’

I may need to book myself continual life coaching EFT! It’s so beneficial. Love it. And you make it so clear, thank you.

All those years of staying small!! For what?!

I love how acknowledging feelings in EFT frees up and clears out the subconscious. And it doesn’t even have to be ‘heavy-going’. It can be light and magical.

Life is opening up in wonderful ways.

Thank you so much, Laetitia.


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Sophie – ‘I highly recommend Laetitia, not just for her EFT skills, but for her care and the extra mile she goes’

I approached Laetitia for EFT, initially because I was intrigued about it and wanted to try it out, to help me with childhood trauma. It wasn’t long into the session that I realised it was going to help me at a much deeper level than I’d anticipated and it truly felt like opening a can of worms… but then it felt tremendously releasing! In fact, I wobbled for a few days afterwards and continued to tap out what had risen to the surface, as Laetitia suggested. It felt like I’d left a heavy chained belt behind… Another session and we started to get to grips with the ‘why’ and then again, the ability to let go.

I highly recommend Laetitia, not just for her EFT skills, but for her care and the extra mile she goes to ensure you are nurtured and on track.


Keep Calm

Rena – ‘I had no idea I even had these blocks until we started discussing where the feeling of anger came from’

I recently had an EFT session with Laetitia to clear out some of the blocks I have had since childhood, and I can honestly say that I had no idea I even had these blocks until we started discussing where the feeling of anger came from, but once I recognised it there was no stopping the examples from flowing through. It was like my mind had suddenly realised why I was so stuck with everything! After the EFT session, I felt so much clearer and happier about my next steps. Thank you once again Laetitia, you are my saviour!


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Kamilya – ‘I use the tapping method every day and sometimes in front of my son’

I recently went back to Laetitia for EFT sessions (I had a taster session a couple of years ago and Laetitia was also our hypnobirthing practitioner for both our children’s births) as I wanted to help my 4-year-old son who is currently going through the diagnosis process for ADHD (not confirmed yet but it looks very likely). We realised that as his mother I needed to deal with some issues first and learn the skillset in order to be in a position to enable my son to cope with his frustration, anger and interoceptive awareness issues. My son was also worried and anxious a lot, much like myself!

Laetitia helped me let go of negative feelings and memories that I had been holding on to and that were still causing me to have negative feelings about myself, she guided me through several stages of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka ‘tapping’) and helped me begin to forge new neural pathways with positive thoughts and feelings about myself.

I use the tapping method every day and sometimes in front of my son. He now sometimes starts tapping himself, saying positive affirmations like ‘I am a good boy’, ‘I am helpful and thoughtful’.

Laetitia also very helpfully suggested a ‘Worry Monster’ for Ethan, a toy that helps with his worrying, and provided me with a meditation mp3 that I use nearly every night to help me sleep.

I am in a much more positive place and it reflects on my children. Of course, my son still has meltdowns etc. but his self-control is improving all the time and we are all much happier for it!

Thank you Laetitia for giving us the tools to help us cope with the bad days and day-to-day life, I now feel like we are moving in the right direction.


Testimonial about Reiki

I had only had Reiki once before, a long while ago, but Reiki with Laetitia was a much more complete service. She took on board my current issues and focused on them specifically. I was so relaxed at one point that I slipped into deep meditation and connected with my third eye!

After both my sessions with Laetitia, I felt balanced, lighter, calmer and more confident, perfect for the day before a job interview (and yes I got the job!) I have been sleeping much better since my Reiki sessions too, no more waking up every few hours and difficulty getting back to sleep!

Laetitia demonstrated once again why she is my go-to person for any type of holistic therapy. She has a great intuition and is able to connect with the pertinent issues to use her therapeutic skills to the greatest advantage to her client. I also enjoyed and benefited from the use of crystals and spirit animal analysis.

Thank you, Laetitia, from the bottom of my (lightened!) heart.


Testimonial about IEMT for fibromyalgia and IBS

I wasn’t sure what to expect from IEMT, I had read a little bit about it but not much. I got a lot more out if than I expected to. I found myself talking about issues that I would not have connected with my fibromyalgia at all and was surprised by how strong my emotions were in connection with certain memories. Another thing I did not expect was how quickly there were results after each phase of following Laetitia’s finger with my eyes. Each time I felt more relaxed, calmer, happier and like I had let go of negative emotions and tensions that I had previously held on to.

Laetitia was patient, relaxing and spoke in a soothing voice. I was able to express deeply hidden memories and emotions with no fear of judgement. When I left Laetitia’s, I felt that for the first time in a couple of years I was able to ‘live in the moment’. I have also tried some of the exercises that Laetitia suggested to me and felt that they helped.


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Amelia – ‘I have cleared so much stuff! I feel so much lighter’

I had an amazing EFT session with Laetitia! I have cleared so much stuff! I feel so much lighter, I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings. Thanks so much.


Keep Calm

Henny – ‘You really turned my life around, I never expected so many changes when I went to see you’

Thank you for your offer of another EFT session. I am honestly very happy as I am. I have only used my tapping twice since we last saw each other, I feel at peace. I have recently recommended you to two of my friends. You really turned my life around, I never expected so many changes when I went to see you. I now realise it’s often not the thing we think we have to fix that is the problem. Thank you thank you.


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V. – ‘Now I look back and marvel at wow! Was I really that anxious, not very long ago!??’

As I opened the laptop to see what I could do to feel better after waking up feeling oddly sad for no reason… I found your meditation again and it hit just the spot!! Thank you for reminding me! Your warm, reassuring voice took me right back to that glow in the heart again that I had felt when I first listened to it, back in the summer.

I really love this recording, first of all because you are a woman. A lot of meditations/hypnosis recordings on YouTube are by men, and those that are by women have that fake New Agey 80s voice – I don’t know how else to describe it, lol… Also because your voice is just so grounded and warm and like a normal woman’s – not trying to pretend to be some enlightened, otherworldly being. With you, it feels like I’m being cared for by an actual person. 

It was soooo helpful in the summer when I was feeling anxious – then everything changed pretty rapidly shortly after without me really noticing. Now I look back and marvel at wow! Was I really that anxious, not very long ago!?? It seems like time warp – that really wasn’t a very long time ago and everything has changed!

Thank you so much again for your help. I now feel so happy and content, and I’m sure it’s at least partly thanks to your personalised hypnosis recording. 

V. Mitchell