Feel the freedom PROGRAMME

Emotional freedom for calm, confident and creative living

  • Do you want emotional support as you support others, in your family?
  • Are you feeling blocked in your life (or perhaps work or business)? 
  • Does your daily life feel like walking through treacle, at least some days?
  • Are you struggling to identify what exactly these blocks and feelings are about?
  • Are you disorganised and overwhelmed?
  • Do you want to feel expansive and free in your creativity, daily life and work/business?

If so, my 3-month Feel the Freedom programme is for you.

I tailor it to your specific needs, session after session, leading you to clarity, serenity and freedom, on your own terms but with my support and guidance.

Helping women get unblocked and move forward is my speciality

Laetitia Saveria

With this 3-month programme, depending on your needs, you will:

  • be supported through motherhood, whether that’s early motherhood or beyond
  • be empowered to make decisions that you were too paralysed to make before
  • have better control of your emotions as you analyse and release them as and when necessary, without hesitation, blame or shame
  • find out the most relevant aspects of your Human Design – a blend of Western astrology, Chinese I Ching, the chakras and quantum physics, Human Design is complex but I guide you gently through the most important aspects of your design, so that you understand yourself better than ever before and so that you know what you are here to accomplish in your life and/or business and the best way for you to do that (no cookie-cutter approach here!)
  • find out about your Sacred Money Archetypes® and why you do the things you do and how (not just in the money realm, but also in life and business)
  • do powerful exercises, using EFT/tapping, coaching and other techniques, to release blocks and discover a strength and wisdom you didn’t know you had
  • learn tools that will be useful to you and your family
  • strengthen your sense of self and your boundaries in your relationships, such as with yourself, your partner (life or business), your child(ren), your friends, your clients, your money, time and how you run your life and your business in general
  • design your life (and/or business) according to your needs, your wishes and your rhythms
Laetitia Saveria
Laetitia Saveria
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Thank you for your offer of another EFT session. I am honestly very happy as I am. I have only used my tapping twice since we last saw each other. I feel at peace. I have recently recommended you to two of my friends. You really turned my life around, I never expected so many changes when I went to see you. I now realise it’s often not the thing we think we have to fix that is the problem. Thank you, thank you.

How the programme works

  • Six fortnightly sessions.
  • The first session lasts 75 minutes and is when we establish what you need from this session and from the programme as a whole. 
  • The other sessions are 60 minutes.
  • Support via Telegram between your sessions, Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 5.30pm.
  • Each session will focus on the issue(s) you are facing that day or week, and it can be anything – emotional support for stress, anxiety, overwhelm, etc.; emotional support for the important relationships in your life; practical/organisational support (ideas for your home, your work space, your children, how to organise your day or/and week), etc. – with therapy and coaching, we can address any issues you encounter
  • These sessions can be weekly if you need more intense support (perhaps you are moving house, or your children are being particularly challenging, you name it…).

Your investment

  • One-off payment: £622.
  • 2-part payment plan: £344 for the initial payment, then £344 just before your third session (total investment: £688).

When you click on the button below, you will be taken to my booking system and be able to book your first session but pay for the whole programme in one go (or the first of two instalments if you choose the payment plan option). After your first session, I will send you a link to book your 5 other sessions.

Laetitia Saveria

In our sessions, you will release emotions, feelings, blocks and deep-seated unwanted beliefs, so that you can then easily move forward with what you most want in your life and/or business. I will listen to you attentively and be guided by your wishes, desires and dreams, the solutions to which are based on your Human Design and your Archetypes (determined by taking remarkably accurate assessments and tests).

Karen Bramall


‘Laetitia’s wisdom and guidance is the best thing I have ever invested in’

I decided to work with Laetitia shortly after starting my Masters because I was having debilitating anxiety attacks, I felt like I wouldn’t ever be good enough (in my degree and life in general) and I lacked self-belief. These were all problems that developed in my undergraduate studying architecture, problems that clearly had not gone away after taking some time out.

Laetitia helped me in all aspects of my life and takes a holistic approach with her clients. She balances practical tools with emotional support and always has something up her sleeve to help you move forward. She worked with me on several writing assignments, offering a different perspective and methods to try out when I was having a mental block. Laetitia also encouraged me to track my emotions and creativity at different stages in my menstrual cycle, greatly increasing my self-awareness. A large part of our work together was fostering this self-awareness by using archetypes to better understand and accept my personality traits.

Laetitia ultimately changed the way I view myself. She provided me with organisation tools to minimise my tendency to procrastinate and taught me Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that reinforced my own positive affirmations. EFT has by far and away been the most effective tool for reducing the intensity of my anxiety attacks and I feel so much better equipped to deal with them now.

After my sessions with Laetitia I feel like I can do anything, I love who I am and I cannot thank her enough. Laetitia’s wisdom and guidance is the best thing I have ever invested in and I highly recommend working with her.

Thanks to the many tools I have in my therapy and coaching toolbox, my intuitive guidance and your own guidance, you will gain clarity on how to heal, how to be fully you and how to move forward in your life and business.

You will follow your own blueprint and will never look elsewhere for any advice, safe in the knowledge that your wisdom is within you, always.

Because you will DO YOU and BE YOU. Finally!

When you click on the button below, you will be taken to my booking system and be able to book your first session but pay for the whole programme in one go (or the first of two instalments if you choose the payment plan option). After your first session, I will send you a link to book your 5 other sessions.

If you are interested in this programme and we have not worked together before, please book a free Clarity Call so that we can establish if we’re a good fit and if I can support you in the way you desire. 

Feel the Freedom