Gratitude vs anger and frustration

‘I’m all for a Serene Motherhood’, I hear you say, ‘but what do you do when you feel angry or frustrated?’

Here’s my tip of the day.

Go for a walk and fill yourself up with:

  1. The wind in your face.
  2. The sun on your face and body.
  3. Fresh air by breathing deeply and slowly and really feeling the oxygen reaching all your cells.
  4. The energy bubbling in your body, turning it into a positive energy or letting it go in some shape or form, stamping the ground if you need to for example, or just imagining it flowing from your body, legs and feet into the ground and into the centre of the Earth. 
  5. Tears if you feel like crying.
  6. Greenery by looking consciously, deeply and mindfully into the eyes of the trees, the leaves and the grasses all around you.
  7. Words by an author you love (at the moment, Sonia Choquette and her autobiography Walking Home, all about her pilgrimage on the Camino), reading on a bench or a log.
  8. But mostly, gratitude.

And so I did.

I am SO grateful for all the tiny little things I saw and felt on my walk in Wallingford this morning and all the great big things in my life.

(Believe me, I wasn’t grateful for ANYTHING first thing this morning!)

And that was enough to refill my cup and my well.

Gratitude will always erase all the negative emotions you are feeling. Always.

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