About Me

I am here to support you emotionally, spiritually and practically with your emotions and life events

Serving women

Both my maternal grandmother and mother were doctors, and both served women. The first as a dietitian, acupuncturist and writer (she wrote over 20 books), the second as a gynaeocologist.

I always knew I wanted to ‘help people’ and I initially thought it would be as a psychologist. My parents and grandmother being doctors, they strongly discouraged me and said if I was going to be a ‘psy’-something, I had to be a psychiatrist. I am SO glad I didn’t listen to them and chose a different path. (In any case, I didn’t want to spend 11 years studying medicine and psychiatry, and my grades in science wouldn’t have been good enough. And as a highly sensitive person who also has ADHD and is probably autistic too (not seeking an identification at this point), I now know I would never have survived in that world!)

I left France for England at the age of 18 and never went back. I studied politics, I got an MA in International Studies (focused on the Asia-Pacific region) and then, books being my passion, became an editor and proofreader for various educational publishers, both in-house and freelance.

When I discovered hypnotherapy for my own needs (2011), and then became a hypnobirthing teacher (2012), I knew that’s how I was going to ‘help people’, women in particular: with hypnotherapy, not with counselling, or psychology, let alone with psychiatry.

I found out about the importance of the subconscious (reading Freud when I was 15 should have given me a clue as to what direction I would eventually take!), how much of our actions is actually totally unconscious, and how the only way to make long-lasting change is through hypnosis – a state of deep relaxation.

Saveria practicing EFT

During my hypnotherapy and NLP training in 2014, I discovered and learnt EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka ‘tapping’) and although I found it weird and not helpful for a while, one day, during one of what I call my ‘mega sessions’ (sessions that last at least 1 hour and where I go deep and cry a lot!), I started releasing deep deep stuff that not even hypnotherapy had uncovered or solved. I was hooked!

From then on (2015), I listened to and read as much as I could from all the EFT gurus and perfected my technique and used it with and taught it to ALL my clients. I realised how much I was using my intuition to provide the right words for my clients to say, to lead them out of their anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, physical pain, you name it, and lead them to contentment, calm and clarity. Images came to my head during our sessions, and I just knew what they were going to say next or what answers they would provide to my questions, even when I went online full time in 2018.

It felt like magic, especially when the trauma they had come to me to release just vanished, never to come back. (I also use IEMT for trauma and, again, use my intuition as to which modality will be the better one, according to each individual’s circumstances.)

From there, I trained in and further studied a few other modalities, and I often combine them all in my sessions, depending on my client’s needs.

I also trained as a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach in 2019 and as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach in 2020, and money and business are now an integral part of my client work (if needed), helping coaches, therapists, priestesses and healers with their own businesses and/or money mindset as well as their emotional blocks and identity issues.

My work is now wide and varied, and I can help you in many ways:

  • with birth trauma and early motherhood
  • with the emotional blocks that are in the way of you living the life of your dreams and doing your ideal work in the world (past traumas, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, worries around visibility, and the feelings of stuckness you experience when you’re not living fully your Archetypes and Human Design)
  • with identity issues, as a new mother or as a mother of perhaps several children, using Archetypes work and Human Design, so you can get to know yourself and what you want and are here to do more deeply than ever before
  • practically with anything you may need in your life (for example, getting your house organised for your life as a new mother, your new financial commitments – I’m the queen of spreadsheets!)
  • with your book if you are writing one
  • with your business, especially if you are in transition
  • with money and your mindset around your finances

I feel so immensely privileged to be part of my clients’ healing and life and that you have found my website, if this is the kind of work you would like to explore for yourself.

If you have read this far and feel called to work with me, book your free Clarity Call so that we can discuss your requirements.

If you know you need to release some difficult emotions or feelings around your life or business, book an EFT session here.

If you know you have deeper issues linked to trauma, book your trauma session here.

If you have a Facebook group or circle or an online audience that you would like to introduce to EFT or my work around money and the Sacred Money Archetypes®, book your free Clarity Call so we can have a chat about your requirements.

Saveria the Holistic Book Doula

I am honoured and excited to be able to offer you many tools and techniques as we work together, based on my own experiences, my training, my Sacred Money Archetypes (Accumulator, Alchemist and Ruler), my Branding Archetypes (Alchemist and Explorer) and my Human Design (1/3 Sacral Generator):

  • providing non-judgemental, inclusive and unwavering practical, emotional and spritual support
  • giving you endless ideas (for life, organisation, money and business)
  • intuitive guidance
  • hypnotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy)
  • oracle and Tarot cards
  • doTERRA essential oils
  • book recommendations

If we work together, I will be right here by your side all the way, holding your hand and holding space. The techniques I use are safe and offer quick, effective and long-term resolution of many emotions, feelings and traumas, exploring and releasing them in peace and confidence. 

Rena Gough

Laetitia is a guide, a mentor who helps people work things out for themselves in their own time. They don’t need a path to follow, they don’t need signs to tell them which way to go and what to think and what to do. They simply need Laetitia to coax them along their own journey. She truly is an amazing guide.

Saveria working with a client

If you have read this far, perhaps I am the Book, Business and Life Doula you have been searching for. Get in touch, I can’t wait to have a chat with you and see if we are a good fit for each other

Short bio

I was born in Paris in the late 1970s and left France when I was 18. I was only going to be in the UK for 2 months, working as an au pair, but I fell in love with the campus of the University of Nottingham and have never looked back.

I left university with an MA in International Studies: The Asia-Pacific Region (for which I got a Distinction) in September 1999 and by January 2000, I had found not one but three jobs in publishing, one full time in-house, and two freelance. (And they say getting into publishing is very hard!) My love of books, writing, editing and proofreading was inextinguishable.

I then had my first daughter in 2008 and it rocked my world. I became equally as passionate about birth as about books. I qualified as a birth doula (professional birth companion) and postnatal doula (mum’s help) in 2011 (I trained with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers on their Paramana Doula course) and as a HypnoBirthing™ practitioner (the Marie Mongan Method) in 2012, a few months before I had my second daughter.

In 2014, I became a HypnoMothering™ practitioner, an IEMT practitioner (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) and finally a Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapist and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™) practitioner, in order to satisfy further my thirst for helping people, which I had had since I was around 15 (but probably since birth!).

In 2017, I became a Reiki practitioner, specialising in Reiki in pregnancy and birth. 

Finally, the world of money and business coaching called me, and since 2019/2020, as a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach and as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach® (trained in both by the legendary Kendall SummerHawk), I have been able to support my clients with their money mindset and their businesses. It is all interconnected, and the vast majority of my clients have their own businesses, so when I help them with their life or motherhood, I inevitably help them with business, money and organisational skills, and vice versa.

As part of my continuing professional development (CPD) and my own personal development, I read a wide variety of books and articles and I regularly attend webinars, workshops and courses. I am an eternal student and I have been in my Human Design experiment since 2021.

Training & qualifications

  • My clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT training was with Thoughtitude. The courses are run by June O’Driscoll and Geoff Rolls, who are valuable members of the trainer assisting teams for Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and for Paul McKenna.
  • My Diploma in Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapy is validated by the General Hypnotherapy Register and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and I am licensed with the Society of NLP (founded by Richard Bandler). I am thus bound by the GHR and NLP Codes of Ethics.
  • My money and business coach training was with Kendall SummerHawk.

I am fully insured with Arthur J. Gallagher/Royal & Sun Alliance.

A bit more about me…

  • I am French and have been living in the UK since 1995 (in Oxfordshire between 2004 and 2022, and now in Wiltshire).
  • I also speak Italian and Spanish, though both are a bit rusty.
  • Laetitia [leticia] comes from the Latin laetus, which means joyous. You may have known me under other names, but Laetitia is my middle name and it was always the one I preferred to use when meeting new people when I was little. One night in February 2021, I woke up abruptly at 1am and heard ‘Reclaim your name!’ This took me on a long journey, an identity crisis, which I only recovered from in late 2023. I’m still not sure whether it was about my first name, my last name, both or my business name! In 2024, ‘Nesting Mums’ called me back so I switched from Joyous Journeys to Nesting Mums, the name of my first proper business (hypnobirthing and birth and postnatal doulaing).
  • I did a BA in Politics and an MA in International Studies (my dissertation was about France and the Indochina War), both at the University of Nottingham. 
  • I am a keen hatha yoga practitioner and an assiduous meditator, and I love walkingcycling and wild swimming.
  • I have been a circle holder and facilitator since 2017.
  • I believe I bring my experiences in these fields and activities into my interactions with clients – a kind, caring, attentive, mindful, grounding and intuitive approach to life and people.