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After many 'trials and (no) errors', I can confirm that GLUTEN not only hurts my tummy but also my BRAIN

MASSIVE awareness this week. 

After many ‘trials and (no) errors’, I can confirm that GLUTEN not only hurts my tummy but also my BRAIN. When I eat gluten-containing grains, especially wheat and rye, I feel foggy, tired AND anxious. I wasn’t sure until a few days ago, when I had a slice of bread (when I hadn’t had bread for WEEKS and only a wheat biscuit every few days) and felt soooooo fatigued, I really couldn’t quite believe it. And then I realised I was suddenly ANXIOUS, for no reason whatsoever. I didn’t eat ANY wheat for 3 days, and today finally the bloating has gone down, my brain is clearer and I have my energy back – but VERY importantly to me, I no longer have that anxious feeling (let me make this clear: I can be overwhelmed, I can be stressed out, but I am hardly ever ANXIOUS, and if I am, it’s about a very specific thing – this was a GENERAL feeling of GENERAL anxiety, VERY unlike me).

This is so important to me because I am going to approach my clients’ anxiety with even more precision than before.

I am also reading about the microbiome and what happens when it’s imbalanced and what happens when it’s balanced, and O – M – G…

This explains EVERYTHING. In my life and in many of my clients’ lives.

We can no longer look at mental health in isolation from physical health. Not even anxiety.

Because of my own health issues (mental and physical), I have been studying both in parallel. It’s only recently (for the past 2 years, roughly) that I have put them together. Now that I have experienced first hand the impact of one particular food (or family of proteins, which is what gluten is), I really can’t doubt it any longer.

My client questionnaire will now include much more than just ‘Are you happy with the type and amount of food you eat?’. I’m not a dietitian or a nutritionist, but I can pinpoint what may need to be looked into (through medical visits and further reading) when it comes to mental health issues, and this will be one of them.

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