Releasing trauma and reaching the point of forgiveness thanks to EFT

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The night I forgave my father

Recently I introduced a friend to the idea that trauma lives in our bodies, in our cells and can be transgenerational.

When I was first introduced to this idea myself a few years ago, I scoffed and half-ignored it.

But then I read a little bit about it.

And then around a year ago I forgave my father in the deepest way, completely unexpectedly, at 1am one night, as he appeared as a helpless 3-year-old little boy, in 1946, having suffered so much trauma from the war, from his dad being absent and then from his dad being very strict with him and shouting and hurting his sensitive soul.

This image of me on the side of my bed in the middle of the night as I was tapping (using my 3-step 3P EFT process – problem, processing, positivity) and releasing these old generational wounds, and finishing with ‘I forgive you’ and truly feeling it in my heart, mind, soul and energetic body, will stay with me for ever.

The thing is: I never set out to tap on that, that night. It was never my intention to use EFT to release this, or even to forgive him.


It had started as nausea and an achy tummy (I sometimes get this if I have eaten something I am intolerant to). EFT is super effective for this. I tap for 10-15mn and it all goes away. But that night, the TAPPING ITSELF led me down another path pretty swiftly, and before I knew it my dad had appeared in my inner mind and the words came stumbling out of my mouth as I cried and released and tapped and muttered more and more words.

Until I said ‘I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you’ on repeat, and then it all stopped. And I knew that I could finally close this chapter of my life – my hate story with my dad.

EFT for trauma

Trauma is real, however you define it, whatever happened to you or didn’t happen to you.

EFT is my go-to tool to release it – for myself and for my clients (along with IEMT, depending on the situation and what my intuitive guidance tells me).

If trauma still has you in its web and you want to be free, I offer a 3-month/6-session programme called Feel the Freedom.

Book your Connection Call here to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, if you are not sure what EFT is or entails or how it works (find out a bit more about it here), why not come to my Tapping Temple™ and tap on the emotions you want to release? I hold weekly group sessions and you can book your space here.

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