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While I use a variety of modalities in my therapy and coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is my favourite one for stress, anxiety and overwhelm (and a few other emotions and feelings!), and IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) for trauma (including birth trauma and PTSD). 

See my ‘Techniques’ page here for more information.

In the current times of post-pandemic life and in business, strong emotions and feelings can be intensified and traumas relived as they come back to the surface. If you are neurodivergent, this is even more likely and even trickier to navigate. I am here to support you through it all. 

EFT session

The Tapping Temple, EFT with Laetitia



Clear the block, emotion or belief that is preventing you from moving forward in your life

Are you experiencing a sudden block or difficult emotion around an aspect of your life or business (or, specifically, motherhood)?

This session is for you. In just one hour, you will feel calm, clear and confident and know what to do to move forward.

Find out more about EFT here.

I have had tapping sessions before and have never experienced such a definite and massive shift in my feelings about the topic as with Laetitia. This was fabulous. I admit, I found the voicing of negative things very uncomfortable, but it really helped me shift things. The whole process with Laetitia was brilliant. Afterwards, I felt so much lighter and able to think and talk about the issue dealt with from a very different place – all within an hour!

If you have anything you feel is overwhelming you, or stopping you from being yourself, or from being happy, then I would strongly recommend Laetitia. She’s clearly very knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate and amazing to work with.

Aine, Ireland

Trauma session

Trauma Session

90-minute session


If you suffer from trauma, whether it’s childhood trauma or a recent trauma, such as caused by a specific event (for example, an accident) or situation (which may have lasted a few seconds or several years), IEMT is the technique I use to help you release it. 

It sounds like magic, and I suppose it kind of is. Find out more about IEMT here.

In just 90 minutes, you will feel very differently about the situation and although you may need a second session, it is quite rare, especially if the trauma is linked to one particular event (for example, birth or an accident).

You do NOT need to give me all the details about the incident(s) or event(s). In fact, if you don’t want to say anything, that is also fine. And you may not want to say anything initially, but after a while, you may find that you can or want to. All of this is absolutely fine.

By the end of the session, you will still remember the event(s), but the emotions and feelings that usually come up when you think about it/them will feel very distant, fuzzy.

I know that right now it’s unimaginable, but IEMT helps the brain disassociate the emotions from the event(s), so that they never come up again (or if they do, they feel insignificant).

When it comes to birth trauma healing, it’s important for you to know that, especially if it’s fairly recent, you do NOT have to tell me the whole story or give me all the details of your birth. You could even tell me nothing, as long as you are willing to just tell me the emotion or feeling you’re feeling right now in our session. That is all I need. As the session carries on, you may find it easier to say a few things, whatever comes to mind, and it is surprising the links you may make, all by yourself, even without saying much. Please do not let ‘having to talk about it’ come in the way of your birth-trauma healing.

I don’t heal you – you heal yourself, with the techniques I use and the safe space I provide.

My first birth, in 2011, was a traumatic one. Not a real nightmare but nothing was how I had expected. I was really upset and angry about it. Then life went on and I thought that it was ok to have a second child.
At the beginning of 2016, I found out that I was pregnant again. My husband and I really wanted another baby so we were happy. But after only a few weeks (maybe just 2 or 3) I started to panic. It was a really BIG FEAR. I cried a lot and my husband really didn’t know how to react because it was the first time he had seen me like this.
I couldn’t go on with this pregnancy feeling like this, I had to do something… but what? Then I found Laetitia by chance on the internet. In only one session and with different IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) techniques, she helped me to feel a whole lot better.
Honestly, when I decided to do that session with her, I was just desperate to try and see, but didn’t know what to expect… but the result was brilliant! In one session, I stopped panicking and felt REALLY better.
Now I am 37 weeks pregnant, looking forward to meeting my baby, and not frightened any more.
If you had a traumatic birth, I really recommend you meet Laetitia. She can really help. And if you can do it BEFORE being pregnant again, even better!

Myriam, Sutton Courtney

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