Why EFT is my superpower

What I loooove the most is helping and supporting women emotionally. I have been doing this officially since 2011, but really since I was a teenager, always helping my friends, with practical advice as well as emotional support.

When I did a business course a few months ago and I was asked to think about what I have always loved in my life, it finally became clear what I should focus on in my business: helping women emotionally and editorially.

I have ALWAYS loved reading, ALWAYS loved books, ALWAYS loved spotting spelling mistakes, I ALWAYS got excellent marks in grammar and spelling at school, whether that was in French or in English (from the age of 11), and I was ALWAYS there for my friends, wiping their tears and making them feel better with my hugs, words and sense of humour (when appropriate).

My passion for WORDS and LANGUAGES has ALWAYS come through in my conversations and in the kind of friends I made over the decades, and yes of course, in the kind of clients I attracted into my life, some of whom have become really good friends for those reasons and many others.

When I think about who I LOVE to support, the following comes to mind. They are women who are passionate about:

  • books and literature
  • writing a book (a lifelong dream)
  • helping others, in particular other women
  • making a difference in the world
  • spirituality and all the external and internal support that is associated with that (oracle cards, crystals, meditation, yoga, etc.)
  • using their book as a way of introducing people to their world, their life and their business and as one way of helping them
  • a slower pace of life that supports their sensitive nature (though that often conflicts with their love of Insta and Facebook )

One of their biggest issues, however, is the way their brain has been shaped over the years and decades, in particular from poor/absent/inadequate parenting (for their particular sensitive souls), leading them to have low self-esteem, repetitive patterns of negative self-talk and maybe even self-harm, up-and-down moods, searching for themselves, trying to find their true identity underneath all the layers of contempt, self-contempt, criticism, self-criticism (because it’s always so much easier to carry on, unconsciously, the patterns taught to us), etc.

This is why I LOVE Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT, aka ‘tapping’ or ‘energy tapping’) – in just a few sessions, you can get to the bottom of all those layers and reshape your brain so that it SERVES YOU rather than keeping you low and feeling undeserving.

And by serving yourself, you can then serve the world.

And that was what you were born to do.

What you can expect by the end of an EFT session with me:

  • You will be lighter and calmer.
  • You will have a bit more clarity about your past, present and/or future and will know what your next step is in your life, business or writing. 
  • You will have a process that you can use again and again in your daily life.
  • Admittedly, you may feel quite tired and thirsty too, so you will need to drink a lot and rest for a while, if at all possible.

If any of the above resonates with you, do get in touch. I offer a FREE 30-minute Connection Call and you can ask me anything.

PS: I’ve just been to the Isle of Wight with my family, so I’m in holiday-by-the-sea mode. This is one of my pictures (Queen Victoria’s private beach at Osborne House, East Cowes).

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